Baume & Mercier with Emmanuelle Chriqui Create New Timepiece

Emmanuelle Chriqui, an actress best known for her role on Entourage, has teamed with Baume and Mercier to create their newest watch, Starry. Baume and Mercier watches are known for their use of ergonomics and warm colors that are representative of the beach. Starry fits in perfectly to this calm inducing collection and immediately brings your mind to peaceful waves and warmth.


Starry is a small, feminine watch with its case measuring only 27mm. It will fit perfectly on the smallest of wrists without looking oversized. It is also stylish due to the input of Chriqui who wanted the watch to look handcrafted. To accomplish this, Baume and Mercier created a strap out of braided leather. This band makes the watch easy to wear during daytime or night. They added in a little bit of whimsy with an interchangeable strap. Depending on your outfit or how you feel that day, you could wear it with a white, orange or beige strap.


Starry is making its debut this spring, but can already be ordered. If you think this watch is your match, order it soon. Thanks to the input of Emmanuelle Chriqui, Baume and Mercier has a much wanted design on hand! Like the rest of their collections, the beach is only a glance away when a Baume and Mercier is on your wrist.


Written by: Stacy McCullough