Birth of a Legend: Laurent Ferrier Galet Secret Tourbillon Double Spiral Meissen

Written by Lindsey K. Cook

Laurent Ferrier and Meissen Italia began a partnership of truly classical proportions.  The marriage of these two companies is the union of one epic name in the history of watchmaking with an Italian subsidiary of beloved German porcelain creators.  It all began in the realization of their harmonious values and the dream of what their combined talents could accomplish.  Olivier Müller names some of these similarities in their mutual skill, precision, attention to detail and superior technology.

The World Watch and Jewelry Show taking place from April 25 to May 2 will mark the true beginning of this legendary match and give a tantalizing taste of what’s to come.  Two watches are to be presented at Baselworld in a grand unveiling of things to come.  The first clearly, the Laurent Ferrier Galet Secret Tourbillon Double Spiral Meissen, exhibits the benefits of uniting with a porcelain manufacturer.  Razor thin porcelain dial is intricately painted in the swirling blue of an elaborate dragon, putting the typical enamel dial to shame.  Bidding farewell to the year of the dragon, a fan-like design stretches from the “4 o’clock” to the “8 o’clock”, neatly contrasting the vibrant blue with a deep grey.


The hand painted detail of the porcelain dial is an extravagance not taken lightly, but with heart and soul.  Set deep, the gleaming frame is a slightly modern way of inviting the classicism of the design into the modern world.  Black leather band and fashion sense to boot, proud wearers of this timepiece would never have cause to doubt this merger.

In 2014 the true abundance begins with the very first line of watches from these two monarchs of quality.  Laurent Ferrier and Meissen Italia call their venture “the beginning of an adventure designed to last” and promise true works of art.  It isn’t hard to see that this is one adventure no member of the time-keeping world will want to miss out on.