Bovet Recital 9 Tourbillon Miss Alexandra Watch

Ladies, get your wrists – and wallets – ready: Bovet has just released their first women’s watch in the Dimier Recital Collection and it is a beauty. Soaking with gold, beautiful hues of blues and optional diamonds, the Miss Alexandra Watch is one to behold.

Miss Alexandra comes with a semi-large oval shaped case that is 41mm tall and 37.2mm wide. While these dimensions may be large for some of you, it is necessary to show off everything this watch offers. For example, one of the smaller details can be found in the watch hands: at 11am and 11pm, they meet to form a small heart. It is just enough of a girly detail to make you go, “oooh, cute,” but not enough to be tasteless. And that is exactly what we should expect from Bovet.

Bovet’s Miss Alexandra comes in 18k red or white gold, so along with the optional diamonds, this really gives you the option to personalize her for you. You will, however, find a diamond n the tourbillon bridge and on the crown. After that, add as many as you want. The skeleton design of the watch lets you see all of its intimate functions underneath the sapphire crystal face. And if seeing the movement is not enough, Bovet made small cuts into the pieces so it looks like you have even more gems in there. The colored screws make it have a special appeal as well. Miss Alexandria packs just the right amount of glimmer to make it hard to look away.

There is a realistic looking moon on the watch face that will show you the moon phases. Even more, this moon will also tell you when you need to wind your watch again. With Dimier 15BM01-MP manual movement, you can get the best of both worlds. The watch does need to be wound by you, but it has a power reserve of seven days. You can remember to do that once a week, right? The watch is tied together with a lovely alligator patterned leather band that will look elegant on any woman’s wrist.

If this sounds like the watch for you, you better get going soon! The base model starts at around $168,000 and goes up from there depending on your choices. And Bovet is offering Miss Alexandra on a very limited basis, only fifty of each gold will be produced. So stop looking at the picture because you know you know you want Bovet’s Recital 9 Tourbillon Miss Alexandra Watch on your wrist now!

Written by: Stacy McCulloughBOVET-cover