Find Your Perfect Match with Cartier

 Cartier has released a new collection of Valentine’s Day jewelry with options that will suit the man or woman in your life. Ranging from necklaces, watches, pens to bags, Cartier has crafted pieces of extremely high quality and design. You know that when you buy from Cartier, it will last through a lifetime of use. This is why it is perfect to give to the partner you choose to spend a lifetime with. Choices may include:


Trinity de Cartier

The Trinity ring was first created by Cartier in 1924 using pink, yellow and white gold to signify love, fidelity and friendship respectively. Cartier has updated this by turning it into a pendant on an 18k pink gold chain. The chain is adjustable and lies 38-40mm. These colors will look lovely against any skin tone and you can customize the adornments to suit the woman in your life. You can choose from colored gems, pearls or black ceramic. The Trinity de Cartier is a limited edition.


Miss Pasha Watch

Any Cartier watch would be a great Valentine’s Day watch, but Miss Pasha is a superb choice. The entire watch is created from steel with a pink spinel cabochon on the side and a creamy pink dial. Sapphire crystal protects the dial from any possible damage and its easy to read numbers come with blue steel hands. The watch is water resistant to 100 feet and with Quartz Movement, you know the time will always be precisely on the dot. So if you have a lady who loves to be on time or a lady who is always running late, the Miss Pasha watch will help get her there.


Caresse d’Orchidees

The orchid was first used by Cartier in 1925 because of its simple beauty that has widespread appeal. This Valentine’s, you can give it in the form of a ring made from 18k pink gold. The orchid is made of pink sapphire and diamond to add sparkle to every hand.


Black and White Intertwined Décor Cufflinks

When the man in your life is ready to dress up, these cufflinks will polish his look. Cartier created these from sterling silver, black laquer and onyx giving it a modern, clean look. They measure 28mm by 27mm and have a pattern that makes it hard not to compliment. These cufflinks are a limited edition piece and can be made with yellow or white gold.


Santos 100 Watch, Medium

If your partner likes watches, the Santos 100 may be right for him. The dial has rounded edges that keep it from looking too harsh in its cool steel case. The exposed screws add to the masculine feel along with the silver dial. He’ll be able to tell the time no matter how dark it is because of the luminescent black steel hands. The case is 44.2mm at its largest and is water resistant to 100m. A black alligator strap brings the entire look together.


Love Bracelet

Any man would be proud to wear the Love Bracelet that Cartier gives us this year. The Love Collection started in the 1970’s and has been kept current at no loss. The bracelet is made of 18k white gold and has an oval shape. This makes it stay on the wrist and feel extraordinarily comfortable. There is a studded motif – something you’ll see in many of this Valentine’s Day collection pieces. And, best of all, you can customize it by choosing studs in diamond, yellow or rose gold.


Cartier has many more options in their Valentine’s Day Collection if you don’t find these pieces suitable for the love in your life this year. Other options include briefcases, perfumes and sunglasses. You can check them out  Don’t miss your chance at giving the perfect Valentine Day gift to your perfect Valentine this year!


Written by: Stacy McCullough