Men’s Accessories @ NY Fashion Week



On February 10, 2013, the Lincoln Center was taken over with nine of today’s up and coming brands for men’s accessories. The show was put on for the first time ever by DETAILS magazine and the designers that came had magnificent pieces to share with the public. Products ranged from watches to bags to handkerchiefs.


MIANSAI:  MIANSAI is inspired by antique stores and a New England upbringing creating preppy, rustic and timeless pieces. There are bracelets with hooks and anchors to clasp them around your wrist, Italian leather bracelets in bright, bold colors or handmade chains. MIANSAI also creates keychains, Panama hats, money clips and cufflinks among other accessories. You can even find the perfect necklace with pendants such as a roach, an infantry emblem or silver roach.



Yuvi Alpert: Yuvi Alpert has a line called Ruby Kovo that is built off of layering different materials to create beautiful pieces of jewelry. For example, a piece will have a soft strap made of cloth material and it is then juxtaposed with a gemstone. Alpert aims to make pieces that speak to your individual style, but have global appeal.


In God We Trust: Another designer with a New England upbringing, her pieces are inspired by collections, vintage designs and a dark sense of humor. While her lines include pieces for both women and men, you can find easy-to-wear clothing that will look great on any body type. It screams low-maintenance comfort with vintage class. She also creates jewelry with rich gold and silver metals. There are brass cuffs and a necklace of an eye with a emerald for the iris. Other accessories include flasks, lights and a two-headed duck. Besides being visually appealing, everything is made in the United States.


Billy Kirk: Billy Kirk is a line created from rich leather and canvas, with most items created either in-house or by expert Amish leather crafters. The goal is to create an item that has class, function and longevity. Billy Kirk has any kind of bag you may be looking for: satchels, pouches, carryalls, duffels, messenger bags, rucksacks, etc. Other accessories include belts, toe clips for bikes, hats, wallets and cuffs, etc. All these items are made in warm browns, tans, blacks, deep reds and blues. They are complimented with touches of warm metals such as brass that create simple, but elegant, pieces.


Herschel Supply Co.: Every man needs that perfect piece to take on trips or carry around your money. Herschel uses denims, leathers and canvas to create just these for you. They pay attention to the details with end results that are high quality and have a timeless appeal. Products include classic backpacks in bold primary colors, camp prints and neutrals, wallets and a redesigned fanny pack. One of their best attributes is the affordability. Prices start as low as twenty-something dollars.


Logan Zane: Logan Zane is another designer who created his line because he found no options for men’s accessories that allowed him self-expression. He has now brought an amazing line of leather accessories perfect for any man. These are high quality items that focus on the details. You can find products such as bags, cardholders, shoehorns and jewelry. The ‘Like’ bracelet comes in both camo and chocolate and is made from a heavy hide with three antique brass studs. Their belts are crafted from Italian leather and hand burnished in NYC. If you like leather and camo, you’ll love Logan Zane’s upcoming collection.


Chief: One of the few designers that focus on cloth goods, Chief has a line of handkerchiefs, neckerchiefs and kerchiefs. The products are made from top line Japanese fabrics of chambray, cotton, linen and wool. These materials mean the kerchief you choose will last a lifetime. All items are made in the United States, the line focusing on high quality items. Their newest collection is made up of blues, creams, polka dots, stripes, plaids and small surprises of green. It is such a calming collection, you may not want to use it.


Daniel Wellington: This brand was inspired by a man who wore Nato straps with his Rolex – the ideal combination of elegance and relaxation. After many designs, Daniel Wellington produced a gold watch that is round, thin and minimal. The watches have no numbers or date, the simplicity adding to its timeless appeal. The watches can be bought with leather straps or colorful Nato wristbands.


hook + ALBERT: When two guys got to talking about their boring sock options, hook + ALBERT was born. They create fashion for men that is fun, loud and functional. You can find dress socks, loafer liners, colored shoelaces, lapel flowers and ties that will keep anyone speaking. Not only are the products produced in high quality, but you will find patterns such as paper airplanes, stripes, chevron and polka dots on their socks. For those looking for something a little mellower, solid colors can be found as well.


These nine designers were able to spend four hours showing off their new spring collections at one of the biggest fashion events of the year. Fans – or soon-to-be fans – were able to view the accessories while enjoying music and free beverages. By next year, these nine designers will be the big thing in men’s accessories, but DETAILS will be sure to let us know who is the next to watch out for!


Written by: Stacy McCullough