Piaget’s Gouverneur is a Black Tie Event

Written by Laura Rensing


`Ello Gouverneur!  Piaget’s Black Tie Collection has a number of enviable pieces, but few can inspire as much awe as their Gouverneur Timepiece.  Deceptively simple in appearance, the watch is a glorious mix of design and mechanics that is sure to have watch enthusiasts drooling.


The Black Tie Collection from Piaget is meant to be worn—and stand out—at even the most high-profile events, but their Gouverneur really takes the case.  The subtle mix of shapes and delicately balanced accents combined with the powerhouse 642P mechanical movement shoots this watch to the tops of everyone’s wish list.


With a 40 hour power reserve that’s nothing to sneeze at, this watch.


The Gouverneur collection is actually a reboot of an earlier collection, but (unlike some Hollywood franchises) the revisualization of the timepieces are fantastic.  Whether you’re looking for a chronograph or tourbillon, you should be sure to take a look at the Gouverneur collections first.


Perhaps the most eye catching and trademark element of the watches is the amazingly subtle and delicate interplay of curves and lines in the watch.  The watches combine the strong elements of intersecting lines and busy index markings within the curves of the watch and radial design, creating a depth to the piece rarely so beautifully realized, even in luxury pieces.


The Gouverneur collection boasts not only the world’s thinnest tourbillon and perpetual calendars, but version of the collection highlights the unique viewpoint of Piaget.


Be sure to check out the automatic, chronograph, and tourbillon watches in all of their versions as all are available in a diamond-set pink or white gold version.  What really sets the pieces apart is the flawless finishing on each of the pieces.  Every minute detail is attended to—which is probably why each timepiece looks so phenomenal.


The entire line takes elegance to a new level, without leaving the mechanics behind.  Anyone can boast about these watches, whether you love the mechanical precision of the timepieces, honed from over a hundred years in the business, or whether you are an admirer of the intersecting oval and spherical influences in the design of the piece.


Whatever your reasons, you’ll find a way to love the Gouverneur collection.  Elegant, polished, and easy to brag about; it’s what every watch collector could desire in a timepiece.