Raymond Weil Presents The Jasmine Turandot Splendor

Written by Stacy McCullough

There is no greater tribute to Turandot, the heroine of Puccini’s opera, than Raymond Weil’s Jasmine Turandot Splendor. This beautiful watch has recently been revamped for the woman in your life. Whether you are looking for the perfect Valentine’s gift, every day gift or get-out-of-trouble gift, the Turandot is it.


Weil was sure to make the Jasmine Turandot Splendor a breathtaking piece on multiple levels. When you first see the watch, you will notice the rose gold and steel gracefully playing off each other to mimic fire and ice. After you get over the initial gleam, you may find yourself staring at the twenty-nine diamonds that adorn the clock face. Set along the border of the circular dial, the diamonds add a slight elegance that cannot be matched. One of Raymond Weil’s most spectacular changes with this new model is the guilloche. This year’s Turandot Splendor has the subtle image of jasmine petals embellishing the center of the silver dial. It is quite a small change in the design, but is what makes the piece such a standout.

The clock dial continues to play on the fire and ice theme with rose gold Roman numerals against the silver face. There are two hands – minute and hour – that are also rose gold and a circular date in the three o’clock spot. A rose gold circle frames the date number. The Raymond Weil logo that sits on the Jasmine Turandot Splendor is one of the other significant changes made. It is now curved to match the overall very feminine feel of the piece. The entire watch now works together to create a lovely timepiece that can be passed down through generations.


Because the woman who wears this watch will be too busy showing off her wrist to wind a dial, this was made with automatic quartz movement. The watch only has a small rose gold dial used to set the time. Now she has no reason to be late, unless of course, she can’t stop staring at herself! Weil also offers a few options with the Turandot to make sure it suits every woman’s personality and body. It can be made with either a twenty-nine or thirty-five millimeter case to enhance any wrist size. And, best yet, this is one of the few watches where you have the option to have the band in a sturdy-but- elegant leather, or in metal to match the elegance of the case.


Raymond Weil did not have to make many changes to his Turandot to create a masterpiece. But the feminine logo and jasmine petals pushed it to a new level of jewelry that any woman would love to wear. The Jasmine Turandot Splendor is a watch that will be worn for years.


You can view the piece at http://www.raymond-weil.com/EN/Press-News/2013-01-18/Jasmine-Turandot-Splen…