The Harry Winston Men’s Histoire De Tourbillon 4

Written by Sarah Peel


Harry Winston has just released his 4th generation of Histoire de Tourbillon watches. The newest model is called the Histoire de Tourbillon  4, is the second to last watch in his collection. It features 4 faces within it and has a sporty look while remaining sleek. This men’s watch has been a popular seller among Harry Winston collectors who love to indulge in his fine pieces. So far only the prototypes have been released and no official release date or price has been given. The current prototype fits in with the current men’s watch trends, and it is reported that Harry Winston will release only 20.
This is the 4th generation of the Histoire de Tourbillon collection. Since 2009 we have seen a new limited edition collection come out every few years. The second one was released in 2011 and since then the third. This newest iteration will contain a total of 59 jewels,and have a leather band. Not much else has been released about the new model, which will likely become available in 2013 or 14.
The Harry Winston brand is well known for his engagement rings, a favorite of celebrities. His diamonds and jewelry are synonymous with quality, style and uniqueness. So far within the Histoire de Tourbillon collection, we have only seen men’s watches being released- no plans on a unique collection of women’s watches have confirmed or denied by Harry Winston .