The New Louis Vuitton Les Ardentes Watch Collection

Written by Sarah Peel


Louis Vuitton has released their new watch collection, based upon Les Ardentes. The unique collection features a diamond encrusted watch face and monogrammed flower that other collections within the line have used. The new watch collection is for women exclusively and will feature two different kinds of bands, a diamond flower bracelet or a leather strap. No price point was given for either watch model, but it is safe to assume that it will be well into the thousands. The luxe watches are available now at fine retail stores, including Louis Vuitton flagship stores across the globe in select big cities. Their official website will provide more info on where you can buy Louis Vuitton collections, as well as where their flagship stores are located.


The watch face features two diamond cuts within it, 77 facets star and 65 faces flower cut. Each diamond was cut to provide the maximum facets that they can feature due to many women desiring more facets in each diamond than the standard 58 facets. Sadly they did not disclose how many diamonds are used in each watch, which can likely be told to you by their retailers or flagship stores if needed. Louis Vuitton brand is known for their high end pieces, including the popular speedy bad series and suitcases. Celebrities such as Jessica Simpson and others have been seen carrying around Louis Vuitton handbags before in the past 10 years or so.
The Les Ardentes line originally was a jewelry collection put out by Louis Vuitton. However, they have now moved on to the lux watch trend that is popular with many right now. This line of watches are exclusively for women only as of right now. No word on if they will expand to a men’s collection yet. That will remain to be seen as this watch makes it way to the general public.